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Syntech Lawns – Instant GRASSification


Syntech Lawns leads the industry in Landscape Projects: Safe and Durable Playgrounds, Pet Turf Systems, Synthetic Putting Greens, Synthetic Driving Ranges, Tee Lines, Engineering Indoor Sports Facilities.


We service all sizes of projects, small or large, to provide you with the best quality solutions. Upgrading yard grass with synthetic turf offers many benefits including water savings, landscape services, problem shade growth areas and waterfront properties sensitive to the salt water environment.


We offer a variety of synthetic turf materials which are each designed and manufactured for your project. All materials are proudly manufactured in the United States ensuring quality U.S. government standards. There is no lead or any other heavy metals in our synthetic artificial turf grass and has the most stringent testing in the industry.

Our artificial grass comes with a limited 10-year warranty, but the actual life expectancy is approximately 25 years depending on use.

Our synthetic grass truly resembles natural grass. Not only does synthetic grass look real, but many of our grass products feel real! The fiber length ranges from 1″ to 2.5″ depending on the product

Syntech Lawns fibers have built-in UV Inhibitors that we mix into the fiber/yarn resin. Turf made outside of the USA will often have insufficient UV protection that can cause the fibers to break down prematurely. All of our turf is made from the highest-quality materials from our plants in the USA. All our previous projects that we installed have no signs of fading.

Our Synthetic grass is environmentally friendly: It eliminates the need for water. It also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals that leach into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed kill, etc.) Additionally synthetic grass is recyclable and is available with an eco-friendly infill material.

7 benefits of an artificial turf include:

- Save on water usage – Your synthetic grass will not need water to grow, and requires just a spray with a hose for a quick clean.
- Save on time – No mowing is necessary, so do the things what you’d rather be doing on the weekends.
- No weeding – Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, and hurting your back and knees to pull out unsightly weeds.
- No harmful fertilizers or pesticides – Save your wallet, your health, and the environment by removing the need of harsh chemicals to maintain your lawn.
- Looks great all year round – No longer will your lawn be brown, muddy or yellow. Artificial grass will stay green no matter the season.
- Pet friendly – We install pet friendly artificial grass that is safe for pets, and very simple to clean.
- Hypoallergenic – With grass allergies on the rise, synthetic grass is the perfect choice for children and adults that suffer with these allergies.