Synthetic Turf Lawn & Landscape Solutions

Synthec Lawns has perfected the look and feel of a lush and realistic synthetic lawn solution. Our lawn even has imperfections of different grass colors and textures to look and feel like nature intended. From yards to rooftops Synthec Lawns will make any space feel like home. Our specialty is synthetic grass, and we are experts at integrating gardens, pools and structures with life- like lawn that is soft to touch and carefully color matched to flow with your existing landscape to look amazingly realistic. Our team of experts can help with commercial and residential landscaping ideas to create usable spaces for everyone to enjoys. From initial concepts, to design and complete installation, Synthec Lawns is committed to working with you to make sure your project is a success, on time and within budget with our competitive synthetic grass prices. Forget mowing, watering, smelly fertilizers and just enjoy.


Siera Silver

Sierra Gold


Diamond Fescue

Blueridge Fescue

Bahia Fescue

Emerald Fescue

Premium Fescue

Elite Fescue

St. Augustine

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