The manufacturer warrant to the Ultimate Consumer/Owner that its products are guaranteed against all defects in workmanship for a period of one full year warranty and prorated thereafter to ten years from the date of shipment. Manufacturer further warrants that its product is also guaranteed not to exhibit ozone/UV degradation or loss of tensile strength greater than 50 percent during said time period, and further guarantees that its product will not have a pile height decrease in excess of fifty percent (50%) as a result of normal wear and tear with proper infill levels (if required). API Standards related to pile fiber height shall be established pursuant to ASTM Test D5823. The life expectancy of artificial grass is dependent on the intensity of use of artificial turf, as well as on local climatic conditions. The more a product is being used, the quicker its lifetime will pass. The intensity of use is a combination of several factors including the usage in hours per day, the number of people that sport or play (simultaneously) on the pitch, the type of sport or play and the type of footwear that is used.